Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Virtual Assistant vs Employee – Part 4 – A Niche for Everyone

Most Virtual Assistants (VA) work within a niche market chosen because of a passion they have.  As everyone knows, you learn everything you can about your passion and become an expert at it! I chose my niche market of solo practice lawyers and small law firms because of my love of the law and the legal system and because most lawyers are no-nonsense, straight shooting people who appreciate the same in someone they work with.  

Here are a few of the different types of VAs:

  • General VAs – Email and contact management, general correspondence, transcription, data entry and travel arrangements (just to name a few of the tasks they do)
  • Legal VAs –knowledge of law firm administration, legal procedures and legal terminology
  • Medical VAs – knowledge of medical office administration and medical terminology
  • Real Estate VAs – listing coordination,  manages transactions, marketing assistance
  • Technical VAs – creates and manages websites, blogs, newsletters, social media, etc.

When choosing a VA you want to research the different types and find one that is an expert in the area you need assistance in.  Before retaining a VA ask questions, get all of the facts and make sure you have a contract outlining the services to be provided. You won’t be disappointed!!

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