Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Virtual Assistant vs Employee – Part 3 – Knowledge and Skills

When you contract with a Virtual Assistant (VA) you are pairing yourself and business with another business owner, so you are gaining the knowledge of a professional who has business management experience.  Before you begin working with a VA set forth in a contract the description of services to be provided so your virtual assistant will be productive from the minute they begin working for you.

You will find that VAs have a wider skill set than traditional employees and you won’t need to spend days training them as you would an employee. When you are hiring an employee, you usually don’t hire the same person to take care of your correspondence and contact management as you do to build or update your business website. Because Virtual Assistants rely on technology to run their businesses they are up to date on the latest, which means your VA may be able to provide both types of services. 

The knowledge and skills that a Virtual Assistant brings to your business is invaluable!

Photo by: Custom Courses | DLC Worldwide

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