Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My 5 Favorite ‘Work From Anywhere’ Places

The main reason I started my virtual assistant business (Top Notch Admin) was because I wanted to be able to work from anywhere. I’ve always enjoyed traveling and with today’s technology, I can generate an income and be productive while enjoying a change of scenery and spending time with family and friends. Here are my top five favorite places to plug-in and get the job done!!


My home office – I loved creating my home office!! It may not be ‘traditional’ but it’s ME and it’s relaxing and comfy.

The back porch – This is where I like to work from if I want to be surrounded by nature, but still be comfortable and feel at home (i.e. sweats and no make-up!). Listening to birds chirp and feeling a breeze while working is bringing the best of both worlds together.

Library – I love, love, love books and the smell of a library!! I probably visit a library a couple of times a week. It doesn’t matter what town or city I’m in, I know where the closest library is and their hours of operation. And although technology is important to working virtually and I keep up with all the latest, I still enjoy holding and reading a good book. 

Beach front café – Location, location, location. There is nothing more relaxing to me than seeing and hearing the waves hit the shore. I seem to be more focused and therefore more productive when the waves are my ‘white noise.’

Best friend’s kitchen – The ambience, the company, the smells….what more is there to say? As long as you can keep interruptions to a minimum this is a great place to work. I seem to stay focused and on-task working here because I know there is going to be a great reward after a good day’s work – quality time with someone who means the world to me!

Having the ability to ‘work from anywhere’ has made me a happier person and therefore more productive. I know each day I’m going to enjoy my work environment and that makes me more enthusiastic! Don’t you want to partner with a happy and enthusiastic VA?

Let’s talk, formulate a plan and start building a long-term working relationship that is prosperous and gratifying for both of us ~~ Susan

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